Sensations visualizer for Ami Dang (2022)

Art and print design for The Living World's Demands by Ami Dang (2022)

3D and print design: shirt for Ami Dang (2022)

3D and design: tour flyer for Ami Dang (2022)

Photography, 3D, and coloring: Crystals by Claudia's Graces (2021)

Photography, 3D, and design: Claudia Hinsdale recital poster (2021)

3D and design: Xiu Xiu poster (2020)

Design: Bebé Machete, Ko Takasugi Czernowin, diana + phoebe show poster (2019)

Design: concert poster for 47SOUL (2019)

Design: Judaism on Our Own Terms posters (2019)

Layout: Judaism on Our Own Terms (2019)

Digital stage for Existence Decay at Emerald Valley (2021)